*Based on the study report “Hobbs JM, Vasquez AR, Remijan AD et al, Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and acute anti-inflammatory potential of two oral cannabidiol preparations in healthy adults. Phytotherapy, 2020: 1-8. https://doi.org/10.1002/ptr.6651

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3 Ways to Cozy up with your Organic Cannabis

From a sprinkle of Ripple in your baked goods to adding a pinch to your tomato soup, these are the best ways to cozy up with your organic cannabis in the fall!Fall chill is in the air, but inside we’re getting cozy with organically produced CBD and THC. Try these three easy ways to warm up and add colour to your cool fall days and nights.

Warm your Fall soup with CBD

Butternut, French Onion or Roasted Tomato, we’ve finally found your fall soup’s missing ingredient. Swirl dissolvable Ripple powder into your soup in High THC, High CBD or Balanced formulas for organic cannabinoids with onset in as few as 15 minutes.


Dutch Apple Bread with a sprinkle of THC

Our Oma’s favourite recipe sprinkled with Ripple Dissolvable THC. 15 minute onset and 4.5x the absorption compared to oil to warm your fall weekend.

High Tea is Served

TGOD Organics Zen Green Sencha Tea, 1mg THC and 10mg CBD per serving to toast up your evening chill.


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